Here are some helpful tips courtesy of Phone Wizards.

How to adjust the time on your phone system for Daylight Savings

NEC SV8100, SV8100SE, SV9100, SV9100SE, SL1100, SL2100 & Xen IPK II:[SPEAKER] -> 728 -> Type in new time in 24hr format -> [SPEAKER]

NEC Xen IPK1, Xen Axis, Xen Master, Xen Alpha & DK824/DS616

NEC Xen Topaz

Panasonic KX-TA308, TD816, TD1232 & TD500

Panasonic TDA30, TDA100 & TDA200


As a temporary measure in the event of lightning striking your business telephone system, contact Telstra direct on 132255 to have your main number diverted to a mobile number. They provide this service for the cost of local calls*. However, as a long term solution, we can repair &/or replace (often through your insurance*) your telephone system and any affected cabling/optical fibre etc. – we promise to get your back on line ASAP!

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