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Enterprise Session Border Controllers

The NEC UNIVERGE® BX Series Session Border Controllers (SBC) ensure that your UC solution is secure.

Sitting between your organisation and the internet they protect you from malicious individuals by offering Denial of Service, fraud and eavesdropping protection. Protectecting your mobile employees by allowing them to securely make and receive calls using mobile clients on their tablets, smart phones or laptops.

The UNIVERGE BX series E-SBC’s are powerful, scalable, secure and easy to manage – they are the perfect addition to your NEC SL1100 or UNIVERGE SV9000 series Unified Communications platforms.

NEC’s UNIVERGE BX Series SBC’s offer

Comprehensive security protects your valuable communications infrastructure from unauthorised usage
Provides perimeter defence against Denial of Service, fraud and eavesdropping
Can be deployed as a dedicated hardware device or a virtual appliance
Active / standby redundancy for high availability deployments
Delivers high service performance and voice quality
Flexible licensing options for cost-effective scalability up to 30,000 users with up to 6,000 concurrent calls
Allows remote workers to securely use mobile clients and softphones
Secure integration (TLS) to SIP trunk providers
Support for industry leading virtualisation – VMware, Hyper-V and KVM
Support for industry leading cloud infrastructure providers Openstack, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudband (ALU)
Complete web based maintenance, automated test calling minimises deployment time and support issues
Complete perimeter defence for the enterprise

NEC provides robust protection for your IP communication infrastructure, preventing fraud and service theft and guarding against cyber-attacks and other service-impacting events.

NEC’s extensive security mechanisms provide protection to your unique VoIP traffic behaviour ensuring legitimate traffic passes through without disruption. All while preventing Denial of Service (DoS), fraud and service theft guarding your organisation against cyber-attacks and other service-impacting events.

Simplified connectivity to service providers

The BX series provides an expansive integration capability allowing you to securely connect you Unified Communications infrastructure to virtually any service provider.

Supporting a wide range of voice encoders it is capable of transcoding between voice formats, fax handling, gain control and numerous additional media processing features. It offers certified interoperability with leading unified communications solutions and SIP trunk providers.

Secure access for remote and mobile workers

NEC’s BX series will enable your mobile users to benefit from UC capabilities, such as voice, video, presence, instant messaging and web conferencing securely from any location.


The BX series offer active / standby high availability and maintains voice quality to deliver reliable enterprise VoIP communications no matter what happens. Advanced call routing mechanisms, network voice quality monitoring and branch survivability capabilities result in minimum communications downtime.

A scalable End-to-End Solution

NEC provides a complete set of products for all connectivity needs, reducing complexity, and cost by bringing SBC, Media Gateway, IP Phone, Voice server capabilities to enterprise networks with a single technology. The BX-series Scale from 5 to 6,000 concurrent sessions.

Software Assurance Program

The NEC BX-series is covered by the NEC software Assurance Program. This means that the customer will automatically benefit from all the enhancements that NEC will add to the products.

BX800 dedicated appliance

If you like the idea of a dedicated appliance to secure your communications, then the UNIVERGE BX800 E-SBC is the perfect choice for you. Capable of supporting up to 800 users and 180 concurrent voice calls the BX800 has plenty of grunt. When paired with a second BX800 it offers you a high level of fault tolerance that will help you survive a WAN or LAN outage with minimal disruption.

With multiple Ethernet ports it can be tailored to suit your specific environment, offering secure, reliable communications between your NEC phone systems, SIP carriers and remote users.

BX9000 Virtualised Appliance

Many organisations prefer to not install hardware where applicable and enjoy the many benefits of a fully virtualised infrastructure. If that is you, NEC’s UNIVERGE BX9000 E-SBC is the perfect solution with the same great performance and security that the hardware model provides.

Run the UNIVERGE BX9000 software in your existing VMware® vSphere ESXi™ 5.x, Linux KVM or Microsoft Hyper-V environment for a hardware free implementation. Alternatively you could host it with your cloud provider of choice using Openstack, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Cloudband (ALU) for a totally off premises solution.