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What is the NBN?

NBN – what is it?

nbn-2The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an upgrade to the existing telecommunications network and will replace existing business landline phone and internet services. It is designed to provide Australian businesses with access to fast, affordable & reliable internet and phone services. Fast broadband has the potential to fuel growth & drive improvements to local economies, businesses & homes, bringing new opportunities to the whole country.

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What it means in Practical Terms?

The NBN will provide data-speed up to 10 times (or higher) than what is currently available on the copper networks ADSL2+ services. This will also bring upload & download speeds up to 100MB/second with potential to go much faster in the future. Fixed wireless & satellite service will also reach speeds of 25Mb/sec download which is also currently faster than most ADSL2+ services.

How will your Business Benefit?

  • CLOUD based services are realised with access to high-speed broadband. Access all your information on any connected device – you have the freedom to work smarter.
  • Technologies like VOIP are more accessible than ever before – remove geographical barriers & link multiple offices together for seamless communication. Mobile staff can work with unprecedented efficiency with the full power of their telephone system at their fingertips regardless of their location.
  • Fast reliable broadband brings video conferencing to life. Meet with customers, suppliers & colleagues, regardless of location, face to face without even leaving your desk, saving time & costly travel.
  • Bring together the best possible team regardless of location – even when away from the office they can still be connected to the project, share resources & help drive team productivity.


Is your Business Prepared?

When the NBN is available for your business, the existing landline phone, ADSL internet & Telstra Cable internet services will be permanently disconnected, & replaced by the NBN fibre network in your area.

TELEPHONE SYSTEMS – Depending on the age and model of your existing telephone system it MAY or MAY NOT be able to take advantage of the new opportunities the NBN will provide.

INTERNAL CABLING – In most cases your internal cabling WILL meet these higher bandwidth requirements if its of good quality & has been installed by a professional. However, there will be certain industries & building designs where we may recommend the installation of internal high speed copper or fibre networks to meet the specific needs of your industry.

The NBN may also affect your Wi-Fi connection, EFTPOS, fax machines & alarm systems.

We can usually work out with you via phone or email if your existing telephone system and cabling will be compatible or we can arrange an obligation free inspection.

If you’d like to find out if your Business is NBN ready, please contact our Sales team in our office on 02 4983 0030, M 0403 457 079 or email

Download the NBN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet